Our Policies

Moe (Elizabeth Street) Primary School provides policies in line with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development guidelines.

Infectious Diseases – Exclusion Table

A child must be excluded from school if suffering from a particular disease.
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to open a PDF document that lists those diseases that exclude children from attending school.

General Policies A - Z

Further details on some of the policies below can be found in the Parent Handbook

Bicycles / Scooters

Children riding these to school must have the appropriate safety equipment. Scooters and bikes are not to be ridden in the school grounds. Bikes and scooters are to be left in the bike enclosure, but no responsibility can be taken for their supervision, loss or damage.

Car Parking

The school has several car parking places for those who are visiting the school, dropping off or collecting children. These are located in the Neighbourhood House carpark outside the front of the school on James Street and King Street.
The teachers' car park is not to be used for dropping-off or collecting children.

Head Lice

Elizabeth Street have developed a head lice program to assist the school community to manage head lice effectively. This community program has members who co-ordinate a head checking program after parents sign a consent form. 

An essential part of this community head lice program is that parents notify the school if head lice is detected and that parents take the responsibility of treating their child’s hair, prior to re-entry to the school.


If a child becomes ill at school, the school will phone the parents or emergency contact person.Children who become ill at home should not be sent to school until the child has recovered.
Children suffering from an infectious disease should be excluded from school for the period of time stated in the Infectious Diseases Table.

Leaving the School

From their time of arrival at school no child may leave the school ground during school hours without written permission from the parent or guardian. Children who regularly go home at lunchtime may cover this with a single note for the year.


Children who are ill should be kept home, however, your child may return to school whilst still taking medication.
The school also has a Medication Authority Proforma, which must be completed by parents before any staff member can administer any form of medication to a child.
Parents should update the Medication Authority if there is a change in the child's circumstances.

Personal Belongings

Please be aware that if your child wishes to bring something special along to school (e.g toys) it is the responsibility of your child to look after it.

If such items are to be brought to school for special occasions, permission from the class teacher must be sought and given. When a child chooses to take the risk of bringing his/her special belongings to school please make sure the items are clearly labelled with the child's name.

The school cannot accept responsibility for any valuables brought to school.

Sunsmart Policy

Elizabeth Street is a Sunsmart school and has a Sunsmart Policy, which is available upon request.
All students are required to wear school uniform hats for the months of September through to April and during outdoor activities. Two styles of hat are available. The school uniform hats are the only hats that are permitted to be worn at school.


All visitors to the school need to sign the Visitors Book located at the General Office. This is to enable us to account for the exact number of people at the school at any given time. Any parent helping at the school, doing a presentation, attending a meeting etc. will need to sign at the office.