Enrolling at Elizabeth Street

Enrolments to our school can be made at the school office during office hours which are 8.00am - 4.00pm

All student information is confidential. Informing the school about court orders or medical conditions is very important to help us cater for your child's needs. On enrolling children for Prep we require proof of date of birth, such as a birth certificate or passport plus an Immunization Certificate.

Save the Children Playgroup

The Ready for School program provides a weekly two-hour session to families with children aged 3-5 years, delivered by qualified professionals over the final two terms of the school year.

Language and literacy-based experiences and opportunities for socialisation in small and large group activities are key features of the program. While the group’s focus is on school readiness for children, support for parents is considered crucial to the program’s success. Parents are provided with information to assist them with their child’s overall development. Parents are supported in their parenting role while preparing for their child’s transition to school.

Key outcomes of Ready for School include helping parents and children to become familiar with the school environment and develop relationships with school staff – this is predominantly managed through mini-excursions around the school and school orientation sessions. 

Facilitators also run sessions aimed at building families’ confidence within the school setting and providing opportunities for them to network with other families attending the school.

Sing and Play

A core focus of the group is the encouragement of parent-child interaction aimed at fostering the child’s language and literacy development. Parents are supported in their efforts to understand and respond appropriately to their children’s behaviour.

Participants are provided with a range of parenting information during the sessions and trained facilitators are available to offer appropriate advice and reassurance in matters related to child development.

Literacy-oriented information, support and access facilitation are key Sing & Play objectives. Literacy resources may be loaned by families who attend the group. The music and movement program encourages positive interaction through the use of the Parent-Child Mother Goose program in order to promote bonding and attachment. Music & Movement engages all participants in songs and movement which assist with physical development and support parents in role-modelling language. These sessions facilitate communication between parents and their children.

Practical support objectives also see staff provide participants with information about community activities in order to broaden their social networks and combat the social and emotional isolation experienced by many of the parents and carers who attend.

Parent Involvement

We welcome your involvement and participation in school activities. The following list provides some examples of how you could be involved:

• Swimming program - assistance with supervision
• Listening to children read
• Typing children's stories
• Covering books
• Going on camps and excursions
• Assisting with grounds and buildings improvements
• Standing for election as a school councillor
• Being a member of Lizzy Supporters Group
• Coaching or assisting in our sporting program
• Classroom helpers, learning centres, etc.

Quite often your involvement in school activities can be the stimulus your child needs to progress in school. It is School Council Policy, recommended by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) that all parents who are volunteers require a satisfactory Policy Records Check.

School Council

The School Council, which is made up of parents and staff, is responsible for defining the Policy of the school.
A school council election is held annually - one half of the membership being replaced each year. We encourage parents to nominate for School Council positions.

There are also opportunities for parents who are not School Council members to participate in school council sub-committees. Only elected members of School Council have voting rights. School Council meets 2nd Monday of every month in the staff room at 5:00 pm.